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Playerunknown's Battlegrounds adds a new machine gun and decoy gunshot grenade

The siren song of spent shells

Remember a few weeks ago when "battle royale" made you think of gunshots and tactical gear instead of colorful jellybean critters? Well if you've forgotten, Playerunknown's Battlegrounds has added a new decoy grenade that sings you the song of spent ammunition which aught to get you back in the FPS mindset. The new grenade, a new gun, and other changes have now hit PUBG's live servers as part of Update 8.2.

If you're looking for new gear, you'll be able to find the MG3 light machine gun in care packages on all maps and the Decoy Grenade as a rare spawn on Sanhok.

The Decoy Grenade sounds like a particularly sneaky tool in the right hands. It emits gunshot sounds for ten seconds with shell casings to really sell the effect. It can be used as sound cover to hide your movements from someone lurking nearby but it can also be a psychological weapon I imagine. Nothing makes those last few minutes more tense than gunshots coming from a direction you didn't expect.

For its part, the MG3 has two firing rates that you can swap between and tracer rounds to help you see where your shots are landing. It also does increased damage to vehicles and has a bipod to increase stability while you're sneaking around with your nose in the grass.

There are plenty of other changes in the new update as usual. Erangal has a few new docks. You can now choose to hide your helmet so you can appreciate your fashion choices. Other players will still see your helmet though.

You can read the rest of the changes and bug fixes in the Update 8.2 patch notes, which is live now on PUBG servers.

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