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Please use this Receiver 2 cheat to make the game even better

Do it

I bestowed Receiver 2 with a coveted Bestest Best sticker in my Receiver 2 review, despite it having big pacing problems. The tension of trawling across rooftops was enough to cut through the repetition, and the panic of fiddling with a firearm that requires a dozen button presses to reload remained sublime. It takes a loooong time to progress to the point where you get new enemies and new guns to shoot them with though, partly thanks to the game dropping you down a progression rank every time you quit. Developers Wolfire games say they're patching that out "ASAP".

That's great, but also a bit irrelevant, as I have discovered there's a cheat you can use to instantly give yourself another rank. You should. You deserve it.

The problem isn't that the game is too hard, it's that it's too much of a slog. You need to find five tiny cassette tapes to progress, and you also lose a rank each time you die. That means you run up against the same old turrets over and over again, and wind up feeling... sort of comfortable. Receiver 2 is not a game where you should ever feel comfortable. Even sort of.

What I'm going to do from now on, then, is type "insight" directly into the game whenever death drops me down a rank. That way I get to fight and flee from the flying drones, which are electrifying in every sense of the word. I have already spent two minutes crying and swearing as I floundered away from one of the bastards, desperately trying to fix an unprecedented malfunction with my Desert Eagle. That's Receiver at its greatest, and cheating lets me jump straight to it.

There are small changes to the level, too. I did that floundering in the middle of a thunderstorm, which is just, oh, Christ. I regret already using the word sublime.

A game I love is now even Bestest Bester. Colour me thrilled.

Thank you very much, @Maxthetics.

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