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Please welcome our new reviews editor, Rachel Watts

The RPS Hivemind is finally complete

Back in the depths of February, we began our search for a section editor to take on our growing reviews section and bring their expert editing skills to every part of the site. Today, at long last, I'm happy to say we've found that person, and we've also given them the proper job title they deserve. Please say hello to Rachel Watts, our brand-new reviews editor.

I know, I know. Originally, we said the whole reason why we were hiring for a section editor and not a reviews editor was because we wanted that person to sit across all aspects of the site, not just reviews. Technically that's still true. As well as heading up our reviews section, Rachel will also be casting her highly trained eyes over all sorts of news and feature posts that we write. Ultimately, though, we all felt that reviews editor was an infinitely better description of the job at hand, so we decided to massage some of those letters into their truest, Bestest Best self.

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With Rachel's arrival, it also means that Team RPS is finally at full hivemind strength again and that our great hiring expansion is now complete. Hooray!

Some of you may be familiar with Rachel's work already, as she was previously on staff at cheery RPS fanzine PC Gamer. While there, she covered a wide array of games and topics, getting stuck in with everything Minecraft-related, while also tinkering with mods, interviewing devs and Twitch streamers, and writing about indie games made out of actual paper sculptures to name just a few. More recently, Rachel was a staff writer at the PlayStation-themed Play Magazine, which Future Publishing brought back from the dead after their Official PlayStation Magazine was bundled off to the big paper shredder in the sky in the middle of last year.

Wherever her words have appeared, though, Rachel has been an incredible champion of all things indie, and it's something I've always admired about her work from afar. I know she's going to do a fantastic job getting our reviews section into shape, and I can't wait to see what cool and interesting delights she's going to uncover for you all in the process.

In the mean time, please come and give Rachel a warm welcome in the comments below.

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