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Deflect-o! Free Murderbouncing With Pong Knights

Deflect shots to murder enemy shapes

Deflecting a shooter's shots back at them is, of course, one of the coolest ways to kill video game things, up there with parry and riposte, stomping on things way smaller than you, and shooting faces off with a revolver bigger than a space marine's boot. Deflection's also the only way you can kill anything in Pong Knights [Itch page].

It's a small, free, and fun browser-based game where colourful and cruel shapes stream into a small arena to blast you. Handily, you have a Pong paddle shield to deflect shots back and blow them up to score those cherished mega-points.

That's it. You can run and jump and hold a shield up, directed with the arrow keys, though not both at the same time. Shooting and deflecting score points, and you can take three hits before you explode. That's it. Simple and spiffing. It's a shame it doesn't have a scoreboard keeping track, but it was only made in two days.

Pong Knights was made by Alfonz M for the recent Pong-themed MiniLD game jam. That's also how we saw Pong, Pac-Man, and Space Invaders collide in PACAPONG, which Adam quite liked.

To set an initial target for you: my best score before I started writing was 68. Don't think you can turtle in those corners forever, as something will inevitably shunt you out, and then what?

(I'd embed a gif but folks sometimes get grumpy, so look here.)

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