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Portal Pinball. Need I Say More?

Angry core.

It takes a very special something to make me excited about a pinball game. I played Pokemon Pinball to death, way back when, but very few pinball games since have really captured my attention. Until now. Until the Aperture Science Heuristic Portal Pinball Device. It’s a Portal themed table for Zen Pinball [official site] and it looks fantastic. See for yourself in the trailer below the cut.

It should be obvious why Portal feels like a perfect fit for a pinball table: an added level of random chaos and risk that can only be achieved through the constant threat of opening and closing portals throughout the table. And the reality is even better than I imagined, since collaborative development with Valve means this is as authentically Portal as we’re going to get. Until Valve creates their own pinball game.

With GLaDOS overseeing proceedings, Chell scurrying around the table and Wheatley lending his commentary to the game, this is giving me some itchy Portal fingers. It might be time to go back and play it again. For the sixth time.

But also yes, probably play this too. Hey look, I made it through this entire post without making a balls joke. As did Adam, when writing about his authentic love of pinball machines.

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