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Postal Movie Date Announced, Denounced

It takes a lot to offend RPS. You say you slept with our mothers, we'll suggest you visit the STD clinic. So it's unlikely you'll see any of us standing outside cinemas at the release of Uwe Boll's Postal this 23rd May, waving placards campaigning against whatever crap the new millennium's Ed Wood has cooked up. Where you can offend us is by being rubbish. Based on these criteria, it's safe to say Boll has upset us on numerous occasions.

So it's surprising that Postal devs, Running With Scissors (be warned: NSFW), are enthusiastic about the Postal movie. Well, surprising until you realise that RWS' CEO, Vince Desi, stars in the film. Desi and Boll comment below.

Vince Desi exclaims enthusiastically,

“Frankly, we’re ecstatic that a release date has been set, and to have Universal behind it is all the sweeter. We’ve been working overtime developing POSTAL III for PC and console and our fans have been waiting to see this movie for a long time now.”

The film is being released in the US on the same day as the new Indiana Jones film. As if it wasn't going to bomb hideously without one of the biggest cinematic releases of all time up against it. Boll engages in his trademark modesty and restraint.

"We will go out and destroy Indiana Jones at the box office!"

Dear Uwe,

No you won't.


Just in case you aren't sure, here's a clip from the film. (Serious warning: if you are likely to be offended by 'jokes' based on the events of 9/11, give this one a miss - it's astonishingly foul).

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