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Postal Redux Remaking Vintage Outrage Generator

Bang bang

The year is 203X. Every video game is in a state of constant remaking or revamping. As soon as the developers finish and release a remake, they'll hand the game over to a team who'll start on a revamp, who'll hand it to another team for a full remake, who...

The year is 201X (I think?). Not every game has been remade yet. But ye olde cheeky outrage generator Postal is the latest to be, as creators Running With Scissors are remaking and expanding it with Postal Redux [official site].

Postal, to briefly recap, is a top-down shooter from 1997 about a gruff-voiced chap who goes a-rampaging across town. It's shock! megaviolence with a splash of silliness, with your man up to antics like lighting up a marching band and an ostrich farm.

The Redux is adding a new mode, the streak-building, score-chasing Rampage, and remaking the rest of it. But the remaking doesn't look good. The new art looks like an old mobile game, with bland models and textures, and... it's a shame, because the original had a nice scratchy 'sketched in the back of an angry teenager's geography book during class' look. Here, compare this from the original:

With this from the new remake:

Click on 'em for bigger versions. Image compression mucks up the comparison a bit, but the Redux definitely has a softer, blander look to my eye.

Ooh, I don't know. If you ask me, it's all been downhill since GLQuake.

Postal Redux is coming to Windows, Mac, and Linux in spring. This spring which seems it may never come. The original is still on Steam for £1.49 or on GOG at £4.19.

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