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Potomac Primed - Gettysburg: Armored Warfare 

Combining RTS and third-person action isn't enough for Gettysburg: Armored Warfare, which also chooses to put miniguns into the hands of Confederate and Union forces, and zeppelins in the skies above the battlefields of the American Civil War. I've been eager to try out the multiplayer oddity ever since Jim first brought it to my attention but I'd assumed I'd have to wait a lot longer. However, the game, built almost completely by one brave man, will be released for digital download on March 27th for $9.99. That's so close I can practically smell the gunpowder and moustache wax.

I'm as excited by the map editors and modding capabilities as I am about the core of the game, although some of those feaures will be added via the Steam Workshop and may not be available immediately at launch. The history meets future concept is immediately appealing to me but I'm not entirely sure how the balance of strategy and action will play out.

I suspect I'll want to spend most of my time with the Army Skirmish mode, which pits four players against each other in a strategy-off and allows them to take direct control of any existing unit on their side. The 64-player enormous deathmatch could be fun too but it might all be a little overwhelming and uncoordinated. I demand coordination in my games of historical perversion and mass slaughter.

More thoughts when we have them.

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