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Be A Cybergumshoe In Free Adventure Game Precipice

Investigating bloody murder

Precipice starts bloody and ends abruptly. That sounds like life in the cyberpunk future to me all right! It's a free adventure game about a weary private cyberdick called in to consult on a bloody murder case involving a synthetic lady, poking around at evidence and drawing a conclusion.

It's been years since I had the patience to finish an hours-long adventure game, but I've been quite taken with short ones lately. Adventure games like this, Void & Meddler, and a lot of the Freeware Garden's brief blooms make them exciting again for me - short, punchy things.

The adventure game form, cyberpunk setting, and sullen protagonist make Precipice feel very familiar. I know what to expect, and it knows that so it lays off on exposition. I appreciate any genre fiction which trusts I'm even remotely familiar with it; if I'm lectured one more time on why elves dislike humans... Anyway, I thought I knew what it'd do and how it'd do it. My ear had a lot of fun picking up on borrowed sound effects and music too, drawing connections to more cyberthings.

I don't really want to say much more. It's free and might provide a spot of fun on a Thursday afternoon. Do let me know what you make of it, as I wavered over calling it a dark comedy game. I laughed, at least.

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