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Princess Maker 1 revamp coming this month

Dad skills

After Princess Maker 2 Refine arrived last year, fancying-up and officially translating the fantasy parent simulator RPG, our Graham hoped that the never-fully-translated Princess Maker 5 might follow. Nope! Next up is Princess Maker Refine, an update of the 1991 original. Like PM2 Refine, it's updated with new full-colour art, voiceovers (in Japanese), new sound, and those sweet Steam chee-chees. Have a peek in this announcement trailer:

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So there you are, an aging hero, adopting a daughter to raise her into a beautiful princess. You dictate her activities and the subjects she studies, getting her jobs, training her to become a warrior, or whatever sort of futureprincess you might have in mind. As weeks pass and she grows, she gains (and loses) stats, unlocks new opportunities in the story, and so on. "Life simulator", they call the genre. Depending on how her life goes, your daughter can grow up to become things like the Queen, a general, a poet, and a bandit chief.

If you've not played Princess Maker, you might recognise parts of it in games like Long Live the Queen. Princess Maker does also let you wander a world and scrap in RPG-y ways. And is a bit creepier.

Publishers CFK say that Princess Maker Refine will arrive "mid-February", which is quite vague for a period so close. It'll cost $9.99. I believe this is an updated version of the Princess Maker Refine released in 2004, coming with an official translation (not 100% on that, mind). While many games in the series have fan translations, I'm glad we're getting proper updated re-releases.

Way back when, some cyberchums and I got really into a fan-translated Princess Maker 2 for a few weeks. I never did manage to marry that dragon prince.

CFK have also announced on Facebook that "there are some additional contents coming to PM2 Refine as well."

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