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Project Ill is now just Ill, but remains a mysterious Cronenbergian nightmare

Brief but gross peek at 2022's most squelchy horror FPS concept

Last year a couple of brothers posted a concept trailer for an FPS horror game that didn't exist (named Project Ill). Well, those brothers are now Team Clout and that game now exists, albeit called simply Ill. I've not got much to point you towards - there's no Steam Store page, no high-res press screens, no release window. Even calling the video from the Future Games Show a gameplay trailer is taking the biscuit, if not most of the factory floor at McVities. But the vibes, as they say, are immaculate: bare feet on a grubby floor, shambling horrors with many half-glimpsed appendages, and a gun that is surely too small to protect you from any of it. Resident Evil but injected with your most virulent 2022 strain.

Cover image for YouTube videoILL | Gameplay Trailer | Future Games Show June 2022

That's basically yer lot with Ill, and if I were to suggest anything more about it it would be pretty wild speculation. There's a Patreon with a teeny tiny bit more info publicly available, which I will reproduce in full here:

  • Immersive visuals and thrilling designs.
  • Advanced physics: interactive environments, active ragdoll, dismemberment, real-time body transformations.
  • Instead of an over-complicated plot, psyco-trips and ghosts, we will provide you with an easy-to-understand story and shocking discoveries.

We can also surmise that the monsters in the trailer used to be human and have had something terrible happen to them. I'm getting deep sea fish, weird crabs, I'm getting flowers, insects, I'm getting that film Annihilation. So much unsettling body horror in just a few seconds!

Team Clout do, however, have another video on their own YouTube channel, this one entirely gore free. In this the player character makes his way into a trashed admin office, with dated computers and equipment possibly narrowing down a timezone. He radios a pal called Mice on one of those hand-held police or security-ish transceivers, and Mike tells him to "head for the dome - it might be your only way down."

Cover image for YouTube videoILL - Your only way down

Questions questions, everywhere, and not a drop to think! Start your own wild speculating below, while we wait for literally any more information whatsoever.

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