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Project Zomboid gas: how to find gas in Project Zomboid

Learn how to find gas in Project Zomboid

Want to know how to find gas in Project Zomboid? After finding a car in Project Zomboid, you might be eager to drive off into the sunset (or deeper into the apocalypse). However, there are plenty of obstacles that you might face when trying to get a car running. Firstly, you might not find a key, meaning you’ll need to know how to hotwire a car in Project Zomboid. Even after hotwiring your vehicle, you might discover that the gas tank is empty.

Below, we’ll cover everything you need to know to find gas in Project Zomboid, including how to siphon gas from other cars and how to use a fuel pump.

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How to find gas in Project Zomboid

There are two ways to find gas for your car in Project Zomboid:

  • Siphon gas from another car
  • Find and use a functional fuel pump

We’ll go into detail on both of these methods below, explaining everything you need to know to find plenty of gas for your car.

How to siphon gas in Project Zomboid

If you want to siphon gas in Project Zomboid, you’ll need to find a gas can. You can find these in storage sheds, warehouses, garages, and gas stations. When you’ve got a gas can, walk over to a car and open the vehicle interaction menu using the V key. Then, you can select the siphon gas option to fill your gas can.

Of course, you’ll need to find a car that has gas first, but based on experience we found that lots of cars tend to have a little bit of fuel in the tank. A quick walk around suburban areas in any of the spawn locations should give you plenty of chances to fill your gas can.

How to use a fuel pump in Project Zomboid

If you want a larger fuel source, you'll need to look for a gas station to find fuel pumps - and you can find the nearest gas station to your location by looking at our Project Zomboid map project to see every POI on the map.

Once you've arrived at a gas station, you can use a fuel pump to fill gas cans or refuel your vehicle directly as long as the station's power is still on. As with siphoning gas, you’ll need to use the vehicle interaction menu to fill a car directly from the fuel pump. To fill a gas can, take one to a gas station and right-click on a fuel pump to open the interaction menu. If you want

However, fuel pumps will eventually stop working. When the power shuts off, you won’t be able to use a fuel pump without a generator, which also require fuel to run. This can make things complicated, so we recommend trying to stockpile as much fuel as possible in the early stages of the apocalypse. The power should stay on for a few weeks in-game, so use this time to find the nearest gas stations and fill as many gas cans as possible. Then, when the power does shut off, you won’t need to worry about powering generators to continue using fuel pumps.

That’s everything you need to know to find gas in Project Zomboid. If you want more help to survive the apocalypse, check out our Project Zomboid tips and tricks. If you've just died and want to make a new character, take a look at our Project Zomboid character builds to see the best traits to take.

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