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PSA: ReedPop has acquired RPS owners Gamer Network

Always a bigger fish

Gamer Network, the company which owns Rock, Paper, Shotgun, has been acquired by ReedPop. ReedPop run pop culture events such as New York Comic Con, MCM Comic Con, and many more. What does this mean for Rock, Paper, Shotgun? Even less than it did when Gamer Network acquired RPS last year.

ReedPop are buying Gamer Network because they like what we do and because we do things that they currently don't. It means that ReedPop own the UK's largest games events, EGX and EGX Rezzed, but also have an editorial business that includes RPS, Eurogamer, VG247 and much more. Everyone currently at RPS is staying at RPS, everyone currently at Gamer Network is staying at Gamer Network. None of our editorial policies are changing.

As well as many comic conventions, ReedPop also own PAX, having bought it from Penny Arcade in 2009. They are themselves a part of Reed Exhibitions, who are themselves a part of RELX Group. When Gamer Network acquired us, we said that "RPS now has big boys to hang with in the playground." Now our big boys have big boys. It's big boys all the way up.

We hope it's clear that RPS is still producing the same kind of content with the same standards it always has since we joined Gamer Network last year. We similarly hope we'll be able to demonstrate that that work and those standards will continue in the years ahead. Finally, we hope that ReedPop will give us all free flights and tickets to New York Comic Con, so we can heckle Kieron.

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