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PUBG launches PvPvE combat on its new Season 10 map

It's called Haven but sounds anything but

Season 10 of Playerunknown's Battlegrounds has arrived with update 10.1 bringing a new map with some brand new enemies. The new Haven map is a small one, dropping in a total of 32 combatants on the map. You've got more than 31 enemies though, because some new AI baddies will be guarding the loot this season.

"This faction, named Pillar, is heavily armed and is none too happy about you being on their turf," PUBG Corp say. "You’ll have to avoid the Pillar Scout Helicopter attempting to track and spot survivors from the sky. Those unlucky enough to be caught by its spotlight will need to move quickly to avoid the Pillar Tactical Truck as it closes in and attempts to quickly eliminate its target with bullets and fire."

The Pillar only spawn on Haven, fortunately, so you won't be dealing with them all over the game. If you're unlucky enough to get tracked down by the tactical truck, you'll want to use one of the emergency parachutes that spawn around Haven to make an escape. They've also got supply caches, as an alternative to care packages, which you can unlock with keys dropped by Pillar Commanders. It's a regular player versus player versus environment game out here.

PUBG Corp say that Haven will only be available during Season 10. It's a 32-player map that you can play only in duos mode.

You can catch the rest of update 10.1 changes in PUBG's patch notes including season 10 survivor pass details, a new costume preset system, and bug fixes.

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