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Playerunknown's Battlegrounds unleashes close-combat team deathmatch on Sanhok tomorrow

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I've come to accept that battle royale shooters aren't usually my thing, but knockabout team rumbles like tomorrow's Plunkbat 'Huntsmen Vs Marksmen' War event and Fortnite's 50v50 mode are right up my alley. Tomorrow, the cozy new battlefield of Sanhok plays host to a fast-paced team deathmatch, with players dropping in (and respawning) with shotguns and pistols, while supply drops promise rare and highly contested longer-range weaponry.

What we're getting here is a 50-player team deathmatch. Ten teams of five players a piece, each match limited to a static safe zone. Everyone spawns with a shotgun, handgun, grenade and some bandages, and if you die you get dropped in on the next plane, one passing every 30 seconds. A knockdown nets you a point, a kill gives 3. First team to 200 (or whichever is in the lead after 15 minutes) is the winner. It's a lot like the original War event, only meaner, leaner and with a lot more buckshot involved.

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While initial loadouts are close-combat oriented, the twist here is that care packages will be dropped in every 110 seconds, and will contain long-ranged weaponry like DMRs, sniper rifles and other coveted gear. Of course, this also means that you've got to claim one of these crates from under a brightly coloured signal flare while being hunted by everyone else on the map that wants a rifle.

This fight is pretty bare-bones. There are no item spawns and no vehicles. No redzone, no friendly fire, no spectating the player that shot you. Sounds like a good place to practice Plunkbat's gunplay without wasting 15-20 minutes looking for a target, at the very least, and could be a lot of fun if encounters are as densely packed as they sound.

The War Event starts on July 5th, 7pm PDT (3am BST on the 6th for us UK folks), and runs until July 8th (9th for UK) at the same time. You can read the official event announcement here.

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