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Pupperazzi is out now, combining a reviled career and beloved animal at last

Take photos of celebrity dogs

Hear the name Pupperazzi and you can probably guess what it's about. Dogs, yes. Taking photos of dogs. Perfect, no? It's out now on Steam and Xbox Game Pass.

Here's the launch trailer:

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The name does, I suppose, bring connotations of other things. Hanging around outside clubs to get photos of dogs as they stumble into the night. Telephoto lenses trained on dogs on the beach. Helicopters hovering above dogs on dates in the park.

It's OK here because they're dogs, and because you'll be getting your sneaky celebrity dog snaps by double jumping across buildings. As you catalogue the canines, you can make choices about your photography career and upgrade your camera.

It's a proper camera, too. You can mess about with all the tools you get in other videogame photo modes - lenses, moody filters, that sort of thing.

Pupperazzi is developed by Sundae Month, previous creators of Diary Of A Spaceport Janitor. It's also published by Kitfox, publishers of The Shrouded Isle and developers of Boyfriend Dungeon. That's a good... pedigree. *winks to camera*. Mainly because Sundae Month know how to create a compelling world, and there seems to be lots of playful interactions in Pupperazzi. Petting the dogs, obviously, but also throwing frisbees, skateboarding, playing music from a boombox, riding minecarts. It's a playground.

You can play Pupperazzi right now on Xbox Game Pass, or you can buy it from Steam and the Epic Games Store. It'll cost you £13.94/€15.11/$18 from Steam with the launch discount, and, uh, about 50p more from Epic for some reason.

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