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Destroy All Books: Pretty Action-RPG Quote Announced


"Author is dead," quipped Roland Barthes in his Killer Is Dead self-insert fanfic after decapitating the insectoid moonbreast Will Self had transformed into. But killing the author's no good if their insidious books are still out there.

Luckily, Quote [official site] will pick up Barthes's slack. It's an action-RPG set in a world pacified after the god of ignorance banished books and knowledge but - oh no! - somehow they're creeping back and causing chaos. So off you go to kill authors and everyone tainted by knowledge, and destroy those heretical books while a narrator natters. Have a peek in the announcement trailer:

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Mighty pretty, isn't it? As a priestess of the god of ignorance (who I assume is the clearly-evil voice of the trailer), we're sent out to purge knowledge and animate manifestations of those dastardly books by exploring, solving puzzles, and brawling.

"Quote is inspired by games such as Little Big Adventure, as well as the works of revered authors such as Vonnegut, Bradbury, Eco and Huxley," says the announcement, also boasting that the game features "Playful quotes from and homages to the scope and span of literature." I'm usually a bit wary of statements like that, as referenceblasting is so easy to do ham-handedly, but at least Quote's foundation is pretty monsterbashing.

Quote is due to hit early access later this year, come winter, before properly launching in 2017. It's being made by Vindit, a studio including Robin Lacey - who you might remember from roboduelling game Plain Sight - and illustrator Evan Lovejoy. Oh, and its narrative is written by some chaps named Alec Meer and Dan Griliopoulos, who I understand both wrote bits for Who Put That Sky There?

[Disclosure: Our own Alec Meer has been writing words for Quote. I know I mentioned it just ↑ up there but down here I get to continue: I don't know which words. Then add that I still think that joke is great.]

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