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Rain World patch improves controls, tweaks punishments

Still punishing but less frustrating

Deceptively cute platformer Rain World [official site] has launched an update to make surviving the post-apocalypse marginally less punishing and, crucially, a bit less frustrating. The map is now improved, some resources are more common in places, and several control problems have been ironed out. Our boy Brendan wanted to like Rain World, oh he did, but he found control issues, poor explanations of crucial systems, and harsh penalties for failure just too much for him. Last night's patch hasn't massively changed how Rain World works, so it's still a hard-as-nails game of mystery and misadventure, but it does take the edge off.

The Rain World team said yesterday:

"This quick patch is intended to accommodate some early player feedback and polish assorted rough edges on the various game systems, etc. These were all low-hanging fruit that we think improves the player experience without taking anything away from the concept of the game. Rain World should be an existential experience: unforgiving and even occasionally unfair. But it should be the jaws of a Lizard that gets you or the Rain, not some ragdoll physics wonk or design oversight!"

Some of v1.01's changes are fixing control bugs. Some are increasing resources -- food, pearls, karma flowers -- in several areas. Others fix bugs. A few punishments are lessened. The map is improved too, adding maps icons for discovered shelters and gate karma symbols, while no longer wiping map progress when the poor slugcat dies ("I'd say 99.5% of people asked for this," a dev notes).

Check v1.01's patch notes for full details on everything.

"First: I am certain it's going to become a cult hit with a crowd of hardcore, mystery-loving obsessives behind it," Brendan said of Rain World. "But secondly, it has also left me with the impression of a badly missed opportunity."

I have been planning to fight through the murder in Rain World when I make time for it so, in the meantime, I am to hear that the wonk is being buffed out. If you don't fancy it yourself, do check out Brendan's spoileriffic GIF gallery of Rain World monsties.

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