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Rain World Keeps Getting Prettier And Prettier

See for yourself

It’s easy to dismiss the ideas of slug cats. I mean, who in the right minds would cram something so fluffy together with something so goshdarned slimey? The people behind Rain World [official site], that's who. And strangely, as this new alpha footage proves, it actually all works really honkin’ well.

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Unlike previous updates, however, this one seems less focused on the saccharine little devils (they have to taste irresistibly sweet. Why else would the things that share their ecosystem want to hurt them?) Instead, we’re treated to environmental changes. Project Rain World has very pretty rain now. And flooding. I’m not very sure what it all means precisely, but it looks like the game will also have “death rains” which, as you might have gathered from the name, are probably trouble.

On a brighter note, work has also been done on “deep sunlight” and all the ways lighting can bounce off the strange architectural design that populates Project Rain World. It puts a ray of hope in my heart for the little guys. Their surface world is already darkened by the presence of malevolent wildlife. Perhaps, they might find a sunny respite somewhere in the subterranean embrace of the -- okay, I’ll stop with the jokes now.

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