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Ram skyscrapers and blow up aliens in new Megaton Rainfall trailer


Megaton Rainfall [official site] will let you "become a supersonic indestructible interdimensional superbeing". Which sounds alright, if you ask me. It's a first-person superhero game in which you have to repel an alien invasion by firing energy missiles at them from your hands.

It was first announced back in 2015 – developer Pentadimensional Games has gone a bit quiet since but has popped up with a new trailer and a PS4 release date of 26 September. It sadly can't be more specific for the PC release date than "later". Hmph.

The trailer, below, shows aliens invading Earth, and you can spy real monuments like the Eiffel Tower in Paris, Dubai's Palm Islands and Big Ben in London. I'm not sure they're entirely accurate portrayals of the cities (Big Ben's tower isn't standing next to the River Thames from what I can see) but having those real-world references is a nice touch.

The video's description encourages you to "keep an eye on the collateral damage", and then proceeds to do nothing of the sort by showing the hero smashing into skyscrapers and firing wildly, sometimes hitting the aliens but mainly destroying the office buildings behind. There's a casualty count so you can know just how inept you are.

Cover image for YouTube video

Towards the end of the trailer it shows the hero flying through space as well. Does that mean you're taking the fight to the aliens?

Either way, it looks promising and I love the concept. It will be shown at Gamescom later this month so look out for footage from there, and hopefully we'll have a PC release date very soon.

Oh, and it'll support VR too, which seems a natural fit.

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