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First-Person Superheroics: Megaton Rainfall

Peeling skyscrapers like bananas

Megaton Rainfall [official site] is a very promising-looking indie title. Oh my, does it look promising. I hope it delivers on its promise, I really do.

This is why: you play as a superhero, flying at high speed around enormous cities packed with skyscrapers and tiny people, defeating the aliens who are attempting to destroy every human construction in sight.

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The teaser trailer spends much of its time focused on the aliens ravaging the city (take a leaf out of EDF's book and call them "Ravagers"), so I suspect I'm not alone in wanting to watch the destruction rather than prevent it. Or at least let a little destruction happen, but then step in before things get out of hand. I particularly love the alien weapon that peels a skyscraper like a banana. Most cool.

There's little focus in this trailer on the playable character, and when we do see that there's little trace of what the gameplay will be like - so between that and the dearth of other information available it's probably too early unqualified excitement. But I can't help it. Skyscraper! Banana!

Megaton Rainfall is being developed by Alfonso del Cerro, a Spanish dev who went full-time indie (as Pentadimensional Games) in order to see this game to fruition. He's demoing it at GDC next weekend, so I suspect that if it's any good we'll be hearing a lot more about it fairly soon.

(A small aside: I'm not sure that anyone has ever made a first-person flying superhero game before. There was that cancelled THQ Avengers game, but that's all I can think of. Huh. It seems like such an obvious concept for someone to have done, doesn't it?)

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