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Razer’s best gaming mouse now has a wireless Pro version

The Basilisk V3 Pro adds HyperSpeed wireless, charging dock support and 4000Hz polling

Razer has just launched an upgraded, fully wireless version of the Basilisk V3 – one of the best gaming mice on the market. The Basilisk V3 Pro can connect over Bluetooth or Razer’s HyperSpeed 2.4Hz wireless standard, and with a few optional extras, will also work with wireless charging and a (theoretically) more responsive 4000Hz polling setting. That's a pretty tricked-out peripheral, yeah?

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Most of these features, except wireless charging, were introduced a few weeks ago on the Razer DeathAdder V3 Pro (also pictured above, in white). But having used both for a few days, I’m personally more taken with the Basilisk V3 Pro – although it doesn’t have the DeathAdder’s impressive lightness, the textured sides, comfy thumb rest and optical switches all make it just as pleasurable to use as my own everyday rodent. Which happens to be a Basilisk V3.

That said, this isn’t a review as I haven’t yet given the 4K polling (which basically means the mouse can send data to your PC 4000 times per second) the testing time it needs. Both this and wireless charging are delivered through the Mouse Dock Pro accessory, which has an integrated 4K transceiver; the mouse does seem to work perfectly fine with its own 2.4GHz USB dongle, should you opt out of the dock. Charging the Basilisk V3 Pro by perching it on top is neat, but the wireless charging puck – which slots into the underside of the mouse – is another extra expense.

How much, then, for the complete package? No small change, unfortunately: a bundle containing the Basilisk V3 Pro, a Mouse Dock Pro and a charging puck will set you back £208 / $200. Just the mouse and the puck together is £170 / $170, and the mouse by itself is £160 / $160.

Again, not a review, but… blimey. Considering the standard wired Basilisk V3 is now about £50 / $50, that’s a towering premium even if you just get the mouse alone. The closest thing to a silver lining is that it’s only £10 / $10 more than the DeathAdder V3 Pro, which really is amazingly light but comes with fewer buttons and features. I'll be giving both mice a more thorough appraisal as soon as I can.

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