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Rebel Galaxy offering spaceship shenanigans for free on the Epic Games Store

Free for keepsies

If you like spaceships, western music, and combinations thereof, hie thee to the Epic Games Store to grab Rebel Galaxy for free. The 2015 debut from Double Damage Games is the latest giveaway Epic are funding to lure you into the cyberwoods. History has taught me that people on the Internet respond favourably to spaceships with a western twang.

Hit the Epic Games Store by Thursday the 27th to grab Rebel Galaxy for free. You'll need an Epic account and their Launcher, obvs.

Our boy Brendy initially had some fun as a spaceman but he grew tired of the empty grind to upgrade your ship so you can upgrade your ship, and his Rebel Galaxy review ultimately called it a "mixed bag". Nice spacewestern music, mind. For free rather than £15, why are you even still reading this? Go on, git.

The upcoming sequel, Rebel Galaxy Outlaw, looks a whole lot more interesting - more on the Privateer end of the spacespectrum. Rebel Galaxy Outlaw is launching as an Epic Games Store timed exclusive mmmaybe this year? The developers, Double Damage Games, are a bit vague.

Wait hang on, I've just seen Double Damage's new Outlaw video demonstrating how easy it is to spray rad art onto your spaceship and I must share it with you.

I am mildly disappointed it's not actually a wizard.

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