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Recreate doomed romance in The Sims 4 with these custom Life Is Strange hairdos

Hair today, gone tomorrow

It's been a few weeks since I surprised and delighted you with some custom content of the week for The Sims 4. Typically, I also avoid showcasing CC for Create A Sim (or CAS). It's the part of the game I'm less interested in (I don't think that, to date, I have actually played the Sims - I just build houses, m8), and therefore the part I don't download a lot of CC for.

But this week, I was tooling around on The Sims 4 subreddits, as one does, and saw a few posts about some Life Is Strange character hair. And darn it if it wasn't really good Life Is Strange Character Hair!

I don't know why you want to recreate doomed teenage time-travel-and-romance sim Life Is Strange in your Sims game. Maybe you want Chloe and Max to have a happy ending. Maybe you want Chloe and Amber to have a happy ending. Maybe you just really like Kate Marsh's big televangelist bun. Whatever. I'm not here to judge, I'm just here to show you these mods.

Now, there are of course several existent LIS custom content bits and pieces, but I think these rank amongst the best I've found. Especially for Max's hair. It even has the little sticky out bit on the side. I am always impressed by such great attention to detail.

The hair is even marked out in the CAS menu by being surrounded by little Polaroid frames. Good work, that modder!

If you'd like to learn more about custom content and mods, and how to download them, you could do much worse than our YouTube channel. Alice L. has only just put up a video with instructions and info about both, which is handy.

Watch on YouTube

These are all from Sims Service, which is Portuguese and also, before you click that link, riddled - riddled - with ads that I would describe as malicious. If you are one of the people who regularly emails us to complain about our ads, pls, see how bad it could be. Imagine me holding my hands out to you in despair like a wizened old grandma. Sims Service actually includes picture instructions for which DOWNLOAD HERE! buttons are the right ones to press and are not, e.g., redirects to more ads. Sims Service doesn't use The Sims Resource, which is the reputable way to get CC for The Sims.

The good news is that the custom content files themselves are not malicious, you just have to shoulderbarge your way through a bunch of pop-ups to get to them. Having said that, I wouldn't blame you if you preferred to merely admire these photos from afar. Sims Service claims that the monetisation tool they use "is the most reliable site in the country for these purposes, extremely easy to pass and does not contain viruses" but I would characterise that statement as at least 70% inaccurate.

But on to some more pictures.

As you can see, the hair is available in a range of natural and wacky hair dye(TM) colours. Importantly, you can have Chloe's hair with her natural roots, as is accurate to the original game. Full disclosure: I didn't spend ages making them look like the original characters, I just pressed random until I found myself in a similar area. Anyway, here's Kate:

Aaaaand because this includes Before The Storm's mysterious Rachel Amber, there's Rachel's cute isometric 'do, and a separate download for her feather earring.

The feather earring also comes in with a bunch of different colour swatches, and I appreciate the effort. Hopefully modders are also working on hair for a couple of the smelly boys, or Rachel Amber's weirdly intense dad, so I can do that thing we all did and lock them in a 1x1 walled box and watch them wet themselves to death.

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