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Red Dead Redemption 2, Hearthstone, and more of the week's patches

The Weekly Updates Update

This week in patch news, Rockstar have kept working on Red Dead Redemption 2, Hearthstone added a new auto-battler mode, the Elder Scrolls: Total War mod got a huge update, and Steam re-added a minimalist view. For more of the week's big PC gaming patches, including some we've not posted, read on for The Weekly Updates Update.

Red Dead Redemption 2 took aim at stuttering

In apology, people who play the game this week will receive some free trinkets for Red Dead Online.

Steam added a Small Mode for the new Library

Following the new-look Library launched in October, Valve have now boshed in Small Mode for it. This returning feature shows yours game simply as a wee list without a wall of box art, updates, announcements, and all that.

This War Of Mine launched its Final Cut

Five years after the survival RPG first launched, they've whacked in new locations, quests, and more.

Overwatch is offering a doctor outfit for Mercy

Complete a few challenges and you too can dress professionally. Not sure about wearing metal high-heeled boots in a medical environment, though.

Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare fiddled with balance

They've notably moved spawns and flags on the Piccadilly map and tried to fix the fierce 725 shotgun (once again). A separate patch fixed cutscene stuttering.

Hearthstone Battlegrounds is now in open beta

Free for everyone, the new mode is Auto Chess but in Hearthstone. Yes, the name made me expect battle royale too.

Disco Elysium fixed and tweaked a load of small bits and pieces

Excellent news for a vital part of the game:

  • Improved cat clock material.

The Elder Scrolls: Total War hit version 2.0

This is the last big update for the Medieval II mod, the devs say, and probably its biggest.

Dota 2 continues to tweak matchmaking

Valve have been trying to cut down on frustrating teamstack matchups, but might have gone too far. The new matching rules had made it tough for three-player parties to find a match, so now duos and trios may now "on occasion" be put against a five-stack "when the need is high."

Rainbow Six Siege's Shifting Tides is on the public test servers

This is the incoming update adding two new characters, overhauling the Theme Park map, and more. It should properly launch soon but if you really want to an advance look, voila.

Prey added VR multiplayer to Typhon Hunter

I can't imagine playing Prey and thinking "Yeah gwan, I'll whack this weird lump of tech on my head." Have you not, y'know, played Prey?

Ghost Recon Breakpoint made players less feeble

Our warmen have received huge boosts to their stamina so they won't get so easily knackered. The update had a load of other fixes too. Looking forward, Ubisoft also launched a survey asking players which aspects of the game they most want improved.

Wolfenstein: Youngblood whacked in a load of new content

You'll find new maps, missions, abilities, and skins now in the cooperative Nazi-masher.

The Sims patch notes remain weird and great

This week's changes include:

  • Vendors will no longer use your Sims' fireplace as an imaginary portal to mysterious places.
  • Sims are now less considerate and do not congratulate their romantic partners when they find a new romantic partner.
  • Sims that despise each other and have no romantic relationship will no longer greet each other with a passionate kiss.
  • Patient Sims that are referred to the surgery table will no longer leave in the middle of surgery.
  • Vampire Sims will no longer get scolded if they drink plasma from Sims even though they had been granted permission to do so.

Thanks, EA.

Disclosure: I have pals at Rockstar. It's an inevitability of living in Edinburgh.

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