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Mercy's Recall Challenge gives the Overwatch medic a more practical set of scrubs

I'm prescribing you nine doses of competitive matchmaking

Resident Overwatch Medic Mercy has always looked a little more superhero than surgeon. That's fair, of course - she spends far more time in warzones than the ward. But I doubt skin-tight latex is the sort of thing you'd wear to fill out perscription slips. This week Blizzard kicked off the Mercy Recall Challenge, letting players earn a more professional skin for Dr Angela Zeigel by chalking up victories on the battlefield.

You know what they say - it takes nine counts of criminal malpractice to make a doctor.

Just like Bastion's Lego makeover two months back, there are plenty of Mercy-themed goodies to unlock by winning matches and watching streams over the next few weeks.

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You should know the drill by now. For every three victories earned in either quick-play, competitive or Arcade modes, you'll unlock themed goodies. At three wins, you'll be offered the rather underwhelming Dr Zeigler player icon. At six, you get two casual-mode Mercy stickers, including a loose-haired look that just screams "may I speak to the manager, sir".

It'll take nine hard-fought victories to unlock the main event, the Dr Zeigler legendary skin. While she hasn't quite ditched the wings, Mercy's new look fits right in on any hospital ward. It probably won't help protect her from bullets, rockets and bombs, but I do now feel more confident asking her what the hell happened to my prescription this time 'round. It's worth grinding out those wins for the long-haul, too - this skin will carry over with the rest of your cosmetic collection in the transition to Overwatch 2.

There are more stickers to unlock by checking in on participating Twitch streams, assuming you've connected your Battle.net and Twitch accounts. There's also a short story, Valkyrie, tying the whole event together.

Will Dr. Zeigler dust off her wings to return to Overwatch after returning to a life of medical service? Probably, yeah. I've seen the Overwatch 2 announcement, Blizzard. You can't fool me.

Mercy's Recall Challenge began this Tuesday, and runs until December 2nd. You won't be able to pick up these goodies after that - once they're gone, they're gone.

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