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Rainbow Six Siege's Shifting Tides update breaches the test server today

Wet, Wet, Wet

If Rainbow Six Siege's next Season leaked last week, then Ubisoft tipped the whole bucket right over last night. Shifting Tides was officially announced during the Pro League Finals in Tokyo, bringing two Operators into the special forces deathmatch. Hit the Siege test server later today to try next season's new gunslingers, devastating new rifle, physics-breaking toys and a reworked Theme Park.

Shifting Tides is captained by two new gunslingers. Wall-shattering Indian sniper Kali faces off against Wamai, the master of magnets.

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Kali arrives with a whopping great bolt-action sniper. This banger of a banger will kill instantly upon headshot, but even a body shot will incapacitate even a full-health Operator. Its fist-sized rounds can punch through multiple bodies and breakable walls, while an underslung drill can chew through reinforced walls and bust up gadgets on either side.

She's not quite a substitute for hard breach heroes. But by busting walls and bursting heads, Kali should keep even the most fortified defenders from feeling safe.

Kenyan defender Wamai, meanwhile, is hungry for grenades. His tossable Mag-NET doesn't quite snatch bullets out of the air as teased, but it will stop grenades right in their tracks. Once caught, the grenade's detonation timer is reset, while the Mag pulls the explosive towards itself to explode safely out of harm's way. Each Mag can only chow down on a single grenade, but Kali's stock recharges over the course of a match.

Shifting Tides also re-opens Theme Park with a new layout and slick coat of paint. Bombs sites at Gargoyle and Haunted Dining have been replaced by Throne Room and Armoury, while the park's new entrance comes complete with a nice big gong. Bangin'.

Kali and Wamai were put through their paces on stream during last night's Pro League broadcast. The team also revealed new changes to the way limb penetration works, stopping players from blocking headshots with their bare hands. Rappelling will also get a minor change to give you more control over when and where you dismount.

Ubisoft haven't yet revealed when Shifting Tides will set sail. But you'll be able to try out the season's incoming changes on the Siege test server later today.

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