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Release AVALANCHE: Spelunky, Papers, Guacamelee

Are you ready to be positively buried under amazing games? Well too bad. Games are largely distributed via non-physical means now, and that's a weird thing to do with them anyway. Take your sick, fetishistic disc orgies somewhere else. (Note: RPS does not actually discriminate against fetishes. Just physical media.) There are, however, a lot of brand new, positively excellent games suddenly populating our hobby's infinitely expanding sea, and you should really just probably play all of them. I quite liked what I played of Papers, Please, the consolefolk enjoyed Guacamelee, and everybody with air in their lungs and a beating heart in their chest loves Spelunky.

All three have snazzy new trailers, so take off your reading glasses and put on your scrutinizing monocles:

I think I just want to write Spelunky poetry all day now. Can that be my job? Jim, can I just stop reporting game news and [No. - Ed].

Papers, Please is a fairly standard release from a features standpoint (it is, however, anything but in every other way; we'll have more about the dystopic document thriller soon, but please please please just play it) while Spelunky and Guacamelee bring over a bevy of new bits and bobs served up all special-like for PC.

Probably coolest of all, Spelunky gets randomly generated daily challenges in addition to a standard suite of Steam features like achievements, trading cards, and leaderboards. Guacamelee, meanwhile, will load your chips with a special "El Infierno" expansion, Steam achievements, Big Picture support, cloud saves, and custom costume swapping via Steam Workshop.

All three are out right now, and they're each great in different ways: Spelunky for randomly generated roguelike madness, Guacamelee for crunchy combo-based combat, and Papers Please for making you feel horrible about your own morals. Take your pick. Regardless, you are probably going to have a great weekend. Glory to Arstotzka. And also hooray videogames!

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