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Forgetful Exploration: Rememoried Coming In August

Surreal scenes

As the moon hangs huge in the sky, an armchair sits in a black forest, and leaves rain from a white tree beneath Saturn, I realise I don't understand quite what the 'heck' Rememoried [official site] is. It looks beautiful, with plenty of surreal celestial scenes and forays into forests. I would very much like to poke around these places but oh, the moments will be fleeting, so fleeting.

Rememoried is a game about forgetting. Turn around and walk away, and the world may change behind you. I'm reminded a bit of Shape of the World. How Rememoried all works is a mystery to me for now, but I'm keen to go exploring when it arrives on August 31st. Have a look:

One-person studio Hangonit explain Rememoried like this:

"The basic element of gameplay is the ability to forget. Some elements in the surroundings change when the player turns away or leaves, and become more than just a direction sign: they become the way along which the player walks, flies and falls. Finding such a way to the higher levels is a matter of his aptness and intuition, rewarded by advancing higher. Failure, on the other hand, brings a return to the lower levels, which may be more or less altered then."

Sounds like my 720 noscoping skills will come in handy.

Rememoried is coming to Windows, Mac, and Linux.

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