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Inventory Tetris, Shotguns, Phones: Resident Evil 7

What's in the box?

I keep forgetting that Resident Evil 7 [official site] is coming out as early as January. It feels like one of those games that I should have been looking forward to for a couple of years by the time it's finally released, but the hype train has only just left the station, and hasn't had time to derail or run out of steam. That's perhaps why two tiny teaser videos actually seem like things worth posting. One of them, in particular, is worthwhile, confirming as it does the presence of inventory tetris, item boxes and a big ol' shotgun.

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If you have a PlayStation 4, you can explore the nifty demo for the game right now. If you have the PlayStation VR bits and bobs you can play the earlier Kitchen demo as well, which sounds like an absolutely dreadful thing - and that's not necessarily a criticism, of course. I haven't played that myself but I have crept through the actual teaser demo a fw times and I like it a hell of a lot.

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While I don't think a full length game that sticks tightly to the claustrophobic horror of the demo would be advisable, I hope there isn't too much Resident Evil stuff in this Resident Evil game. A silly hope perhaps, particularly given that people working on the game have confirmed that there will be direct connections. Some people are adamant that the voice on the phone (also heard in the demo) belongs to Ada Wong, the anti-hero spy/assassin lady whose role in the various games I can never remember because I've never really given a hoot about Resi continuity or mythology. For me, the series is about being trapped in bad places full of bad things.

That's why Resident Evil 7 looks like it might be the best of the bunch. Here's hoping.

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