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Meet The Bakers: Resident Evil 7

Two new trailers

The more I learn about Resident Evil 7 [official site], the less it sounds like a Resident Evil game. Sure, there will apparently be medicinal herbs and some kind of inventory management, and there will probably be puzzles involving coins or crystals standing in for keys, but the grimy first-person horrors of the demo do seem to be representative of the full game. As details emerge, including the video below, it looks more and more exciting, and it might be the scariest Resi game of the lot.

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This new trailer is fresh from the Tokyo Game Show and there have been changes to the demo (which is still, sadly, only available on PS4) this week as well. It's a clever thing, that demo - the dead-ends and apparently useless objects might all become doorways and keys as updates arrive. It's a haunted house that rewards repeat visitors with new horrors and mysteries.

According to an interview in Famitsu, translated and summarised on reddit, there are no enemy "hordes" in the game. Instead you'll be facing off against individual antagonists and The Baker family, seen in that trailer, probably make up a good portion of them. The whole thing feels a little like Texas Chainsaw Massacre, but there are also hints of hauntings and supernatural goings-on, especially in the demo.

It sounds like the VHS tapes that I loved so much in that demo will carry across into the game. If the translation is accurate, they'll be used to "alter events", presumably by playing the characters within them and affecting the past to change the present for the main protagonist.

There are plenty more details to pick out from the interview but I'd like to maintain as much mystery as possible. I'll be heading right back into the demo tonight though, as soon as the sun goes down.

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