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Re: Remastered Resident Evil - REmake

Resident Evil Remake coming early next year

Has Resident Evil ever truly felt at home on PC? Not-zombie popper Resi 4, the high point of the series, showed up looking a bit peaky but, if memory serves, the ports of earlier games were acceptable. We never did see a port of the cleverly capitalised REmake of the first title though, which debuted on Gamecube back in the day. I played through the whole thing over a couple of days at the end of a university term, when almost everyone else had left the evil halls of residence. Expecting hokey dialogue and the occasional dog-scare, I didn't expect to be scared into submission before the end of the first night. I didn't expect Lisa Trevor.

The Resident Evil REmake might not be my favourite game in the series but it is the scariest. And it's finally coming to PC in a fancy REmastered edition.

A REmastered REmake. Maybe this will become a thing. Maybe it already is a thing, in which case I'm going to start holding out hope for a REmastered REmake of a REboot, or any variation thereof.

The REmake is due in early 2015 and will have graphics better than REality (1080p) and an optional REvamped control system. If that's not exciting enough, do pay attention to the widescreen option, which will cause formerly static backgrounds to scroll into view.

For anyone who hasn't played the REmake but does have memories of the dull and dated original, the best news is that it's a significantly improved game. Not only does it look fantastic in comparison to the chunky early 3d of the Playstation version, it also has improved combat, a much stronger atmosphere and legitimately horrifying moments. Which is handy, in a horror game. It's no Silent Hill but it's a claustrophobic and unnerving treat without too much in the way of the series' TEdious t-virus lore.

Here's a comparison screen showing a slightly sharper model of a man next to the original (REmade) model of a man.

Via Eurogamer.

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