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Rest In Peace, Zaeed Massani

Aw. I know not everyone was as charmed as I was by Mass Effect 2 and 3's scarfaced, cockney mercenary Zaeed Massani, but I found his no-nonsense, surly, partially malevolent geezerishness made him an essential part of my ME2 squad. His voice actor did great things in terms of turning, essentially, Dirty Den into a hard-bitten space bruiser, so I'm sad to hear that the chap behind those beyond-gravelly tones, Robin Sachs, sadly passed away on the first of February this year.

Londoner (no surprises there) Mr Sachs, who also voiced characters including Lord Harrowmont in the first Dragon Age, was but 61. You've probably seen him in any amount of genre TV, but he's perhaps best known for playing Ethan Rayne, cocky nemesis of Buffy the Vampire Slayer's Giles. More recently he's done more in gaming than on TV, popping up in Resident Evils, Rainbow Sixes, Kain & Lynches...

I thought Zaaed, though, was a particularly great character (more in potential than actual usage, admittedly) with a great performance behind him even if, as I very strongly suspect was indeed the case, it did at times sound as though he was seeing the script for the very first time. He wasn't given anywhere near enough prominence and had something of a thankless role due to originally being brutally sliced off into ME2 DLC, but his grounded, take-no-shit nature and war stories made him appealingly and invaluably incongruous in a game so given to flights of high-fantasy.

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Rest in peace, sir. It's very sad to think that we won't ever get to see Mr Sachs lending similarly sonorous Laaahndaaahnisms to any future games.

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