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Retro FPS Prodeus announces co-op and shows its bloody main character

Two miniguns are better than one

Prodeus - The player points a minigun at a room with three enemies
Image credit: Bounding Box Software

Retro-inspired shooter Prodeus has been blasting its way through early access since November and is about to get a helping hand. Yup, Bounding Box Software showed up at the Realms Deep shoot 'em ups showcase over the weekend to announce they'll be adding co-op. They also gave a look at the rather bloody main character. You can spot all that and some player-made maps they've shown off, in a new trailer full of gore and metal music. You know, the classics.

If you'd not followed along with Prodeus, Bounding Box describe it as "a first-person shooter of old, re-imagined using modern rendering techniques." It sure is exactly what it says there on the tin, including a campaign mode full of baddies to shoot. Catch all that on show here in the new trailer.

Cover image for YouTube videoProdeus Co-op Reveal- Realms Deep 2021 Trailer

At the 1:50 mark you can catch a look at that co-op, and your protagonist's space-y face. Two miniguns are better than one, after all. They don't go into details, or say how many players co-op will support, but the trailer appears to show off just two. Bounding Box are letting players in on private co-op testing through their Discord server in a couple weeks, they say, which is also when the next game update is arriving.

Prodeus's level editor certainly looks to be one of its big draws, because really who doesn't like a good custom map? Bounding Box made a decent sized update to the level editor back in April including a structures and prefabs browser for the workshop and user profiles to help follow your favorite mappers. It's neat to see them showing off what all those folks have been busy making throughout early access.

You can spot Prodeus's early access version over on Steam if you're keen. It's also included in the Xbox Game Pass for PC right now.

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