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Explosive shooter Prodeus is getting an expansion that adds a spear and a grappling hook

Everything it was missing

Spears and grappling hooks in Prodeus: The Elder Veil.
Image credit: Bounding Box Software

My love of '90s first-person shooters is not matched by my enthusiasm for modern throwback 'boomer shooters'. Of all the recent gib-fanciers, I lasted longest with Prodeus. It looked stunning, it felt great to play, and it ran niftily on my Steam Deck.

Now there's a new mini-campaign expansion on the way. The Elder Veil adds a spear, a grappling hook, and a new mini-campaign.

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I'm not sure where The Elder Veil is set, but it's considerably brighter and more covered in gold engravings than the base game's dark metal spaceship corridors. The trailer also makes it seem as if you can spend the majority of the game airborne, as you grapple from enemy to enemy and area to area. I am extremely onboard to play one of these shooters that doesn't feel claustrophobic at all times.

Bounding Box Software have also announced that they're working on adding quick save and quick load to the base game.

The Elder Veil was announced during Realms Deep, 3D Realms livestream which is nearly wall-to-wall retro first-person shooters. It's like the Unwholesome Direct. The stream is ongoing on YouTube at the time of writing.

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