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Retroarrgghhh: Project Zomboid Footage

Coo lummee, we find ourselves rather looking forward to the accidentally named Project Zomboid from Indie Stone Studios. Sure, there have been too many zombie games lately, but this one captures our imagination, with its combination of Amiga-ish graphics, and the crafting for survival. Also, there's a couple of game footage videos to watch, which give me that, "Oh God, no!" feeling of being overwhelmed by the hungry, hungry former people.

Both videos are early footage, and not representative of the final game. I'm assuming the zombos will have death animations before it comes out, and if not I'll make Indie Stone's lives a living misery. Apparently I need an eye test.

Here's an example of that overwhelmingityness, as the character goes from shooty-bangs to desperately swinging a bat at the enormous crowd.

Watch on YouTube

And here's how the crafting will likely work.

Watch on YouTube

You can pre-order the game for a teeny weeny £5/$8, which will keep the undead wolves away from their doors, and the game in development. They say those who do so will see the first touchable game pretty soon. I just did it. You should too. (Although it's totally tax deductible for me.)

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