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Revitalised: Assassin's Creed - Liberation Coming To PC

Of all the things that my PC needs right now, another Assassin's Creed game is somewhere near the bottom of the list, right near the Bing Toolbar, the Bing Desktop and Bing. I enjoyed the second game, playing it as a bonkers historical tourism simulator, but I didn't find the time or the energy to trot through the entire thing. Even people who liked playing II three times didn't tend to like playing III once, so I ignored that one. Black Flag did catch the outermost tendrils of my interest when a man appeared to punch a shark in one of the trailers, but there will probably be a hundred hours of not shark-punching. That's a lot of Ass Creed and there's more to come. Liberation, a Vita spin-off, will be coming to PC in a highly defined version.

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Liberation has a few things in its favour. It's set in New Orleans, which is one of the places I'd like to live, so I'm more inclined to spend my time there, even if it looks ramshackle, oppressive and unpleasant in the past. There is still bourbon, right? There is still jazz? Perhaps not. Perhaps there are only swords and chains.

Thankfully, Liberation has a hero to solve the problem of swords and chains, and her name is Aveline de Grandpré. I've read a little about her background and she sounds like an interesting choice of protagonist, crossing class and social boundaries. In my incomplete experience, the social position of women in the Assassin's Creed series tends to be prostitute, ingénue or Ezio's mum. That Aveline appears to have a stronger connection with a historical struggle, rather than some form of unconvincing science fiction destiny, is impressive. Of course, it probably turns out that she's an alien cyborg sent from the future-past to tie a Templar's shoelaces together as he prepares to deliver a rousing speech, causing him to fall through a weeping time-wound, which regurgitates him as a mellow infant.

I don't know. Is that the sort of thing that happens in these games?

The trailer says Liberation is out 'soon' at which point I'll try to find out the answers. Or not. Interesting protagonist or not, I expect it'll be pretty much the same cup of tea as the rest and it's not a beverage I can imagine myself quaffing down to the dregs.

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