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Revolutionary: Unrest Playable At Rezzed

First Indian game Kickstarted

We live in topsy-turvy times. In the recent past, it was illegal to call something a 'game' unless it included at least one dungeon and seven dragons. Then Skyrim contained infinite dragons and the entire gaming market almost crashed because of reptilian boss creature oversaturation. Thankfully, the industry was saved when audiences realised that they didn't need dragons in their games and might, in fact, prefer chickens. Let's face it, you never see a Dixie Dragon or a KFD.

Kickstarter success Unrest does contain Naga, which are a bit like dragons, but it's also a tale of ordinary people, set in an Indian city undergoing a revolution. It'll be playable at Rezzed and it sounds fascinating.

It's a game about conversation, perception and choices.

The game features five different protagonists from various castes and backgrounds, and aims to deconstruct the traditional fantasy narrative while exploring serious themes and providing players with a unique setting to immerse themselves in.

I'm looking forward to trying this out. It looks more like an adventure game than an RPG, but how tiring it would be to begin a debate as to whether stats and levelling are essential components of a role-playing game, or whether participation as an actor in several roles is a much more important quality.

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