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RiffTrax: The Game has you and your pals crack jokes over bad movies

In the Mystery Science Theater 3000 tradition

After making What The Dub?!, a game which is basically about cracking jokes over bad movies like you're on Mystery Science Theater 3000, Wide Right Interactive are now getting even Mistier. Today they announced RiffTrax: The Game, teaming up with the post-MST3K jokefest for an official new party game about making your pals laugh by cracking jokes over bad movies.

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In familiar party game ways, RiffTrax: The Game will pit you and your pals against each other, building off prompts to try to make each other laugh. Here, it's about bad movies. Players will have to crack jokes over 250-odd clips, either by writing their own gags for text-to-speech to read aloud or picking from over 2000 lines from the RiffTrax fellas themselves. Clips are cribbed from films RiffTrax have riffed on, including Rollergator and Ed Wood's infamous Plan 9 From Outer Space.

The game will support six players using various Internet-connected devices as controllers,with 12 audience members playing along too, plus support for voting on Twitch streams. It'll support remote and cross-platform play too, and in-game voice chat.

RiffTrax is one of the offshoots of Mystery Science Theater 3000, started in 2006 by former writers and cast members Mike J. Nelson, Kevin Murphy, and Bill Corbett. (Some other MST3K folks went on to start the similar Cinematic Titanic, and then revive MST3K on Netflix.) Like MST3K, they watch bad movies and make daft jokes. Honestly, I learned more about American pop culture from watching MST3K than I ever did actually visiting the USA. Who else would tell me the importance of being ready for some football?

RiffTrax: The Game is due to hit Steam on the 5th of May. It'll also be on Switch, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

I've not played any of the MST3K-y party games (I know Use Your Words is out there too, and... maybe more?), so I'm not sure how What The Dub stacks up, but something about Mike, Kevin, and Bill's voices hits me deep in the heart.

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