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What The Dub is a Jackbox-esque party game where you dub daft dialogue over old movie clips

It's a bit like Mystery Science Theatre 3000

If there's one thing I've actually enjoyed during the last year of lockdowns, it's been how much more frequently I hop into online party games with my pals to mess around. That's probably why I'm drawn to What The Dub. It's a multiplayer game where players watch clips of strange old B-movies, then replace a bit of the script with some even more bizarre lines to try and make your mates laugh. Undoubtedly, this will turn into everyone trying to make the characters say incredibly vulgar things, but truly, what else are these sorts of games for?

It's a lot like the kind of game you'd find in a Jackbox Party Pack, though this one is a standalone thing developed and published by Wide Right Interactive (who previously made the bullet hell sidescroller, Freedom Finger).

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Like Jackbox, all players need to be watching What The Dub on a main screen, while everyone uses their own devices to play. The game takes strange little clips from "hilariously awful B-movies, woefully outdated PSAs, and bizarre industrial films", then chops out a part of the audio and challenges players to come up with something funny to replace it with. You type in an answer on your device, and when it's your turn, a text-to-speech bot will read out your witty response over the clip. Players then vote for their fave dubs, and the winner is whoever has the most points at the end.

As a fan of both bad movies (I highly recommend Manborg, though it's probably a bit too new to appear in this game) and text-to-speech reading daft things, it sounds brilliant. One of my favourite games on Jackbox is the one where the giant killer robots rap, they just sound so silly.

On What The Dub's website, the devs boast that it has "over 300 hand selected clips", and the game allows for up to six players and six audience members. Only one of you should need to own it too, because you can stream it to others via Discord something similar.

If you fancy taking a look, you can find What The Dub on Steam for £6/€6/$8.

Alice O mentioned that What The Dub is also reminiscent of the 90s show Mystery Science Theatre 3000, which I have now decided I'm obsessed with because of the single line "I am the lemon zester of destruction" about 40 seconds into this clip:

Watch on YouTube

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