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Rift: Storm Legion Trailer Stars A Colossus, His Shadow

Rift may have its shortcomings, but goodness, it can do the big beasties well, can't it? Unsurprisingly, then, the first gameplay trailer of the upcoming Storm Legion expansion follows a typical day in the life of a colossus stomping around on somebody else's stomping grounds. And that's pretty much all it shows. It's kind of eerie, actually. There's no music or fancy film editing razzmatazz - just a colossus shrugging off spark-sized fireballs, doing his best Godzilla impression, and awkwardly bellyflop-leaping onto a bridge. He's pretty clearly destroying the city, though, so this ought to make for quite the world event.

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Sadly, Mr Cole Ossus here won't be coming to/destroying a city near you until this fall - though, on the upside, it'll apparently ship with a free copy of vanilla Rift. However, the equally free three-faction open world PVP update's dropping next week, and that looks to shake up things up a fair bit. Apparently, even crafters will "play a vital role" in battle, which sounds quite atypical of the kill-collect-kill-some-more MMO formula. Now if we could only get some other game to replicate Star Wars Galaxies' cantina dancers. Or really, just pre-NGE SWG in general. Urgh, I'm gonna go be sad now.

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