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Riot's fighting game Project L finally gets a name, but not a good one

How do you say "2XKO" anyway?

Two of the characters from Riot's duo-based fighting game, formerly Project L now called 2KXO.
Image credit: Riot Games

Project L, Riot's long-gestating fighting game which is focused on 2v2 tag team fights, finally has a real name. It's "2XKO", which is both awkward to type and to say.

A trailer introducing the name 2KXO.Watch on YouTube

In a separate video previewing the year ahead, executive producer Tom Cannon says the name outloud, confirming at least that it is pronounced Two-Ex-Kay-Oh, and not, say, Two Times Kay-Oh or Double Knock Out or, I guess, Toox-Koh. Meanwhile, I've written 2KXO about three times so far in creating this post.

2XKO will have a number of playtests this year, both at physical events such as the upcoming Evo Japan, and eventually via "at-home" playtesting. If you're interested in participating whenever that arrives, you can sign up via the 2XKO site.

Cannon also said that they're aiming for a full release in 2025.

Project L was announced back in 2019 as a fighting game set in the League Of Legends universe, and has been going through gradual, iterative development ever since. It's transition to tag-team fighting happened sometime around 2021, as part of efforts to make it more accessible to those less versed in fighting games, and in 2022 Riot confirmed it would be free-to-play.

I am no fighting game expert. I know what footsies is, but I can't execute a frame trap. When I play a fighting game, I'm probably going to learn a few combos, fight in singleplayer matches, and enjoy the cool character animations. 2XKO looks like it might offer something for me in this regard; I do like its character art a lot.

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