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Rising Storm 2: Vietnam mod Green Army Men goes official and (mostly) free tomorrow

Hard men. Hard plastic.

Tripwire's gritty, realistic manshoot Rising Storm 2: Vietnam has officially adopted the far less gritty and realistic mod Green Army Men. Launching along with the start of a free week trial tomorrow, a single-map Christmas version of this mode was previously featured. This new version of Green Army Men will include four toy-scale maps (including the holiday one) and reduced realism. All the maps will be free, but players are limited to the Rifleman class unless they buy the Green Army Men DLC, which puts money in the pockets of its creators. Below, a summery trailer.

Green Army Men is the work of a small mod team, and they've done some really impressive-looking work here. The bright Green and Blue soldiers (the latter being Australian) and cleaner, simpler maps make for a more readable battlefield, and the rules have been relaxed too. Teams are symmetrical, squad-spawns are enabled, and most guns fire tracers. Anyone can fly helicopters (which themselves are less likely to plummet out of the sky), and some maps even have underwater sections because these are hard plastic men that don't float. Or breathe. Or suffer fall damage.

Watch on YouTube

PC Gamer got the scoop on this one and are hosting the trailer for now.

I've always liked the idea of Rising Storm 2, but my brain sizzles when trying to parse anything in a jungle-set FPS. There's too many moving parts, too much khaki and too many ways the bad guys could be approaching from. Green Army Men seems far more my speed, and I kinda wish that they'd just make it an entirely standalone game. Still, credit where due to the modders for getting their creative and clever project adopted as a major feature. Although I do wish they didn't swear so much - it just seems wrong for Toy Story extras to be screaming bloody murder at each other.

The Green Army Men deploy tomorrow, along with a free trial week. The new mode and maps are all free, but you'll have to buy Green Army Men here on Steam if you want to play the other classes. You can also find the original mod here on Mod DB. Rising Storm 2: Vietnam is also 67% off on the Steam summer sale, reduced to £6.26/€7.58/$8.24 until tomorrow.

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