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Rising Storm 2: Vietnam adds multi-map Multiplayer Campaign mode

You may have won the battle, but you haven't won the war!

"You may have won the battle," cries an unusually eloquent trash-talker on the other team, "but you haven't won the war!" In Rising Storm 2: Vietnam, his anachronistic cussing-out may now actually be correct.

A free update to the first-person shooter today added the new 'Multiplayer Campaign' mode, where 64 players fight across multiple maps and 11 years of the Vietnam War, with new factions and equipment coming in and out as history repeats. All these battles fuel a campaign map of the war, where victory is achieved by getting enough points or controlling every region. Get in and channel Charles de Gaulle now before losers go back to just calling you a dingus, or however it is the youth cuss today.

Multiplayer Campaign mode runs from 1965 to 1975 (which is... kinda the Vietnam War's second half, or final third, or...?), with each battle representing one year. They somewhat reflect events of the actual war, with different factions and equipment available in different times and places.

Teams get to pick their battles, which... can get complicated as campaign results feed into costs and look, read Tripwire's example for talk of Victory Points and Casualties and Combat Power to get a sense of how that works. Me, I'll just show you moving pictures:

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The patch notes for today's Update 1.1 also detail a huge number of bug fixes, balance tweaks, and other changes. Which sounds grand, as I'm told Rising Storm 2 is good stuff.

"There are very few games that can match the feeling you get when you watch an artillery strike destroy a treeline and push up with your squad mates under the cover of smoke and deafening explosions," Samuel Horti said in our Rising Storm 2: Vietnam review last year. "If you're after a slower-paced shooter with tactical combat and tense moments, then it's time to enlist."

In the game, he means.

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