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Rising Storm 2: Vietnam surges out

It's just a shot away

Rising Storm 2: Vietnam [official site] is now out, taking the serious shooting of the Red Orchestra spin-off into a new era and a new (old) war. From the jungle to city streets, players can recreate the dreadful invasion. Along with 64-player asymmetric action in the traditional Red Orchestra territory control mode, Rising Storm brings big battles with choppers and tunnels in 'Supremacy' mode and a smaller 16-player 'Skirmish' mode. Observe the war through moving pictures in the launch trailer:

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Dreadful war; great tunes.

As in the real war, the two sides are quite different. The US Army and Marine Corps get fancy weapons and attack helicopters, while the Vietnamese get sturdy guns and traps and whatnot.

Pleasingly, and unlike many modern multiplayer shooters, Rising Storm 2 has no weapons and things to unlock. Instead, unlocks are more about cosmetic options: hats, glasses, tattoos, and stuff.

Rising Storm 2: Vietnam has launched on Steam with a 10% launch discount making it £17.09/20,69€/$22.49 until June 6th. It's made by Antimatter Games, who made the first Rising Storm too, and published by Red Orchestra mob Tripwire Interactive.

I missed Rising Storm 2's recent open beta weekend myself so do tell me, gang: what's it like?

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