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Rivals and Family dev is back with more musical puzzle action in Riley & Rochelle

Time to put your detective ears on

The musical mastermind behind Rivals and Family is back with a new game. Riley & Rochelle follows the two titular talented musicians, former lovers and eventual superstars, while you as the player are tasked with uncovering the secrets of their lives to find the reveal them. With Tim Sheinman joining forces with writer Natalia Yanchak, Riley & Rochelle continues the playstyle of Sheinman's previous interactive puzzle games, where you traverse through muscical memories both good and bad. Take a look at the new reveal trailer below.

Cover image for YouTube videoRiley & Rochelle Announcement Trailer

This time you're cast as someone making a movie about Riley and Rochelle. You must extract truths from diary entries, voicemails and other characters to correctly put together the timeline. Use your knowledge, deductive skills and appreciation for “naughty” 90s culture to succeed. Prepare to correctly answer different quizzes (the screenshots show an Audio Quiz and a Fan Fiction quiz) to test your Riley and Rochelle knowledge in the game. You'll even have to research real-life events to get to the bottom of things.

As with Sheinman's other games, though, music is the real star. A big part of the game is listening to audio recordings and songs sung by Rochelle and Riley, original tracks written for the game, to ascertain where, if, and how their relationship will end.

It all sounds right on character for Tim Sheinman, especially with the colourful and eerily nostalgic backdrop of 90’s pop culture. This time, however, there are multiple potential endings depending on how you untagle the timeline - seems like, as a film maker, you get to decide who comes out on top in your edit. Riley & Rochelle looks good, but it doesn’t have a release date yet. You can add it to your wishlist on Steam, though.

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