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Rock of Ages 2 rolling out later this month

More surreal action

"I wanna rock!" sang Twisted Sister. Rock of Ages 2: Bigger and Boulder [official site] will deliver the rocks that Dee Snider so desires. Queen will have their own interest, having sung "O Rock of Ages, do not crumble, love is breathing still". But they will be less pleased by ACE Team's game, where players roll huge buildings down gorgeous obstacle courses, smashing through defenses, and into the base of their enemy. The rocks most certainly will crumble along the way. We'll get to see for ourselves soon, as publishers Atlus today announced a release date of August 28.

Rock of Ages is a game about rolling a big rock into your opponent's castle gate to smash it down and crush. We control the rock directly, rolling downhill through levels which wind towards the enemy. Along the way, to fend us off, they'll place fortifications and units attempting to slow and damage our rock. The heavier and faster we are when we hit, the more damage we'll do. And there are shortcuts and tricks to get around the course better. And our enemy also has a rock and is doing the same to us, so we place defenses and all that too. Oh, and levels crib art styles from different points of history and art history, often with beautiful results. And it has a bit of Terry Gilliam-esque animation silliness.

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It is quite the oddity, which makes perfect sense when you hear it's from the makers of games including Zeno Clash, The Deadly Tower of Monsters, and Batman Doom.

The sequel brings new boulder types, new units such as Da Vinci's tank, new bosses from a "here be dragons" sea monster to The Thinker, and of course new art styles. Multiplayer is expanded too, with support for split-screen play and 2v2 online battles.

Rock of Ages 2 will cost $14.99 when it hits Steam on August 28th. Folks who buy within the first four weeks will get a bonus pack of boulders inspired by The Binding of Isaac. Why not?

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