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Rock, Paper, Shotgun Meets Monty Python

Last week I was fortunate to sit down with Terry Jones and Terry Gilliam, at an event within the towers of London's Tower Bridge, to preview the forthcoming Facebook release, The Ministry Of Silly Games. It seemed too obvious to talk with the director and historian about Monty Python, or even the game they were promoting, so instead we discussed the serious importance of silliness, and the reasons to cling onto it. There's thoughts on the role of imagination in Gilliam's films, and in both their lives. The two Terrys lament the poor state of history education in both the UK and America. And they talk about the challenge of getting films made when your company is called Poo Poo Pictures. Plus, learn how to see a table completely differently.

The video below has some glitches in it, I'm afraid. But it's perfectly watchable. Plus it's kind of cool when Terry Jones gets eyes in his forehead. Oh, and if you want to sign up to the Ministry Of Silly Games beta, you can do that here. (Re. the last bit, I should probably add that no iOS version of the game has been announced - they meant Facebook.)

Cover image for YouTube video

After a week of fighting with it, this is the very best version we've managed to generate so far, with massive debt owed to Christo, and huge thanks to Andrew. If we get an improved version, I'll replace it. As you'll note, my voice was not picked up by the mic, hence the superb editing by the inestimable Jo. Thanks to everyone for helping out with this.

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