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Rocket Arena's first season fires off with new hero Flux

Don't pet the cats, please.

It's time to get very, very serious about shooting your pals with rockets. Rocket Arena's first season takes off today, bringing a heap of newness to EA's bouncy battle arena - a new battle pass, new ranked season, a series of new limited-time events that'll bring in new maps, and a dorky new hero who blows up baddies by tossing interdimensional cat-heads at them.

Rocket Arena's headline addition is Flux, a child prodigy who reckons getting punted by high explosives is a small price to pay for extracurricular curiosity.

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Annoyingly, the Season One update post doesn't give us much on Flux beyond her being "excitable, effusive, and easily distracted by anything that tickles her scientific fancy". At least the video gives us a look at some of her abilities, with largely appear to involve robot cat heads at folks to blow them up / compress them into a horrifying singularity. She can also dimension shift to sneak about, sorta like Wraith off of Apex Legends. Importantly, you won't have to pay a penny to play as Rocket Arena's nerdy murderchild.

Season 1 also brings in Rocket Arena's first battle pass (sorry, "Blast Pass"), your standard affair with 117 levels of rewards split across free and paid tiers. But it'll also feature two time-limited events, permanently adding new maps along with brief, themed gamemodes to show off the new locales. The first, Blast In Paradise, kicks off on August 12th by adding Grand Harbor and Lagoon of Doom to the game's map pool.

Rocket Arena's core premise - wot if Super Smash Bros but with rocket launchers - is a good'un, though I'll admit I haven't heard much buzz around the game since its release two weeks ago. If you're up for giving it a bash, Rocket Arena is currently available on Steam and Origin for £25/$30/€30.

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