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Rocket League Rumble Racing to Release Next Week

Vroom vroom

Rocket League's [official site] new Rumble mode will bring a slew of delightful new powerups, we already knew, and now we know a few more things. For one, you'll get to play with all of these new features when Rumble launches on September 8, at long last.

It's not all car-soccer silliness, though. Psyonix are preparing for the next spate of Rocket League tournaments, and announced plans to include in-game purchases with Rumble to fund them. Wait, wait, wait. Sit down. I know that sounds scary, but it looks as though the Rocket League team are doing this in a transparent way that favors the players. Let's take a look.

The new system is called "Crates and Keys", and it sounds a lot like the systems Valve use in games like Dota and Team Fortress 2. In online Rocket League matches, Crates will randomly drop in addition to the typical items you can find. These Crates can only be opened with Keys you purchase for $1.49 a pop or in bundles of five for $5. A share of the proceeds will go to funding competitions and building up prize pools.

These Crates drop exclusive Garage items that include cosmetic skins that transform your Battle-Cars into unique new vehicles (in appearance only, mind you), Exotic Wheels, and even animated Decals. You can always see what's in a Crate before you open it, keeping you from wasting your cash. You can even trade Keys or unopened Crates to other players with the game's new Player-to-Player trading system. And if you choose not to participate at all, you can toggle the Crates and Keys system off, keeping these items out of your inventory and turning off all notifications.

The same announcement also revealed that party chat and SteamOS and Mac beta versions will launch with the Rumble update.

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